4 thoughts on “Links love on!

  1. I got excited last week because I followed the link for the Group Therapy in Congo article and briefly glanced at it. However honey, I now think it and its subsequent articles and connectors, etc., will become the fodder of my primary research paper for my current group therapy course. Perhaps-bigger still-it might lead to ideas for future work in Chad? Who knows exactly where it will lead, but I am blessed you know how to do these blue link thingies, lol, and keep us oldies in the loop with world events and school material, etc. etc. etc…… Thank you darling birthday girl-thanks!

  2. I have very intrigued and mixed sentiments about the public school thoughts! ! ! My mommy heart says not at the expense of our children’s hearts and minds, but my evangelistic bent/gifting says perfect mentality and ministry outreach. So though I still am not sure I would engage nor want to engage my own in attending public schools, I do believe helping and contributing as an adult is great in the manner they described because it most certainly is a place of demonic strongholds of immense proportions and in desperate need of rescuing. Hhhhmmmm….. either that or as your dad would say-nuke’em…!

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