Going lower

What does it mean to be called to go lower, to be servant? This post has me thinking a lot about what it means to be called to go lower. What does it look like doing less or doing less that is seen. I keep going back to this post.

I like being in charge, I like being recognized and having others pat me on the back when I do something good, receiving compliments and having critiques over my work. The type A part of me thrives on that… But there is also a huge part of me that glories in the unseen. Or, at least desires to.

In quiet our battles are won and lost. It is what is done in secret that builds into the overflow of our lives. This is why Jesus was concerned with the heart. The outside is only polluted if the heart is corrupt. And, He’s always pierced through the layers of masks and flesh to see the very baseline longings and thoughts and motives of our inner sanctum of soul and mind and heart.

Our battles are won and lost in secret, in the prayers we utter and the praise that pours forth. Literally! In 2 Chronicles 20 the Lord delivers the Israelites because they worshiped Him. They simply bowed their knee before their maker and proclaimed their trust in His deliverance by song.

The larger your reach the thinner you are stretched, or the less time you have, or maybe not less, but your time has to be re-0rganized and re-managed. It seems our time praying and praising is first to go… easily falling through… the more notoriety we receive the more we puff out our chests and the less we depend so vitally on our Bread for our daily bread and the more the inside begins to crack and what is seen is only a facade of what is real.

We win battles in secret. We win battles in spiritual places we don’t even see with our eyes.

I want to be honest. I hate the idea of going lower, of being a servant, of having less people read this crazy blog of mine, of having less comments than the 1 or 2 a week I get now… I want everyone to read it and everyone to love every post, to love me. But I don’t think that is what Jesus wants for me, I KNOW it isn’t.

The Gospel has never made sense. How the leaders become servants, the poor become rich, the lion and lamb play and lay down together, the last is first and the first is last. We are the Sunday morning people and we serve a God who became low and put on flesh and rode a donkey. We are His people and He is the God who knelt low and bathed feet, just as He bathed souls, from His living water.

If I follow Him, really seek to follow Him, I must descend lower. I must bathe the feet of those who love me as well as those who would seek to hurt me for their own advancement. He asks me to become like His Son, and His son stripped bare His life for His friends, loving them and caring for them. It’s a hard calling, a high calling, to go lower.

I’m not there yet, but I want to be…

One thought on “Going lower

  1. Funny in a non ha-ha way…we talked about just this in church today. So extremely convicting. And interestingly, when you say, “battles are won and lost in secret,” my pastor made very similar remarks. This is one of those areas I need to be reminded about all.the.time. It is so easy to let “self” take center stage, and hog God’s glory. I’m not there yet either…but I want to be too.

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