Saturday the 21

This sermon.

How fast do you read? {If you tell me your score, I’ll tell you mine, oh-I’ll forget, I had 604 the first time & 591 the second–it changes text each time!}

Strawberry Leopard!

Did you know that 31 bits has a wedding line out? Here’s a fun shoot showcasing the pieces!


50 people you wish you knew {I just laughed so hard!}

If Darth Vader was a normal dad

I’m sure you’ve seen on fb, but if you haven’t, there was a baby born with 6 legs this week.

This is so freakin cool

I laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed

These cookies!

Just stumbled onto Sweetapolita and must put this in my mouth. Or this. Or these cupcakes:

2 thoughts on “Saturday the 21

  1. I had 259(1st time) and 314 (2nd time). Whoa! I’m a slow reader!! Ha ha!

    And the 50 people you wish you knew! BAH HA HA HA HA! There are SO many! The oreo hair style was great. But the awkward kid poses…those may be my favorite. Oh, and the free shrugs. And the caramel onions! Yes! Those were great, I laughed so hard!!

    And the worst things in the world….the blasted cardboard carton not opening! Or your pencil not sharpening properly! Or your yogurt container tipping! Worst EVER!!!

    Ah! I love! Laughed SO hard!!

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