How did we wind up in April already?!

What are you up to this weekend?! I’m off celebrating the Resurrection of my Savior by taking a road trip today with my favorite boy. I’m SUPER excited for the places we’re gonna go see! I’ll have to fill you in next week on all we have planned, and then on all we actually did!

Nutella Cupcakes with Nutella buttercream icing…and a nutella waffle sandwich {I die. I literally die.}

For the last two weeks I have been fully obsessed with the National Geographic climb up Mt. Everest. You should be too. Or, at least follow their photo feed

Have you heard of the Circle of 6 app? Its free and could save lives.

One of my favorite books is becoming a documentary. Here’s the trailer!

Every roommate I have ever had can heartily attest that I need this pillow.

Excellent article on domestic abuse and why its often ignored in the church.

I love this airport so much, and miss this country immensely….

13 steps to get you through a bad day {Marcia-the goat is for you, the ostrich photo happened to me on numerous occasions in ZA, Darren-a hedgehog! and I think the one I laughed the hardest too was the: “not you.. arrow to Bethany” one!!!}

The players in the Mali crisis

These tips for single women are cracking me up! I love the ‘olden days!

Not sure I’d ever wear an orange wedding dress, but I am LOVING the flowers and colors!

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