Saturday link up

I know I have a a lot of links today but they’re all so good…

I’m not buying it. I can’t watch this without weeping.

I’m reading through the bible, chronology with some friends. Come join us, would you?

Ten Facts about the “S” Word. PLEASE, please watch this, friends.

This is really, really lovely. I love the community and the way this happened.

He’s my favorite player. Ever. Period. Joy!

Ten favorite photos of the year. Cute overload. or… scary much?!?

The Celestial Con Man. Made me cry. And sigh. I just…. love Jesus.

Seeing these kitchens makes me want a house. Aren’t they each so unique and beautiful? This is my favorite, but I like the chalkboard kitchen too.

I’m quite shocked to say this because it goes against my natural likes but I really, really like this dress. And that cake!

Won’t you hop over here and sign this petition. Its to extend the trafficking funding and anti-trafficking legislation. Baie Dankie, vriend.

I want to read this book, this year.

The Biblical Call: A Christian Response to Human Trafficking and Sexual Abuse lecture. You better believe I’m going to this free conference.

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